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Already Working:
  • Add audio files and silence onto the CD timeline
  • See the sound files' waveforms
  • Move the cursor, Zoom In and Out, and Zoom Full
  • Add and delete track breaks
  • Split track at cursor
  • New / Open / Save / SaveAs
  • Burn CDs
  • Preview / Play CD
Still Todo:
  • Display
    • Use a different color for pregap space
    • Improve CD burning progress-bar. Add a cancel button.
  • File
    • Convert non-16bit-44.1khz-wav audio files on the fly (use libogg, liblame in addition to libsndfile - build a multiformat wrapper lib?)
    • Auto-detect cdrdao preferences (cdrdao location, device name, driver to use)
  • Behavior
    • Add copy, paste for audio tracks
    • Add multiple undo, redo support
    • Implement holding down Shift key while selecting to select spans of tracks
    • Add cursor-hovering icons for when you're over a track, or a track-break marker
  • Portability
    • Port to OSX (mostly just the sound code and packaging are left)
  • And of course, lots of code cleanup, refactoring, reorganizing...
Copyright 2004-2005 Ben Levitt
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