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2005-11-30 Relesaed daoism-0.4.3
Grab it for Linux or Windows
Just bug fixes and performance improvements, but definately worth the update!
2005-3-22 Relesaed daoism-0.4.2
Grab it for Linux or Windows
There we go. CD writing now works under windows.
2005-3-17 Relesaed daoism-0.4 !
Grab it for Linux or Windows
A new windows port is almost complete! (Everything but the actual writing of CDs... :] That'll come soon though.) Also lots of bug fixes.
2005-2-11 Relesaed daoism-0.3!
Drawing is much improved, including: a labeled time ruler, wavform visualization(!!), numbered track breaks, and a visual maximum CD length. Toc files and Wav files can be added to a new project from the initial command line. Lots of bug fixes.
2004-12-8 Relesaed daoism-0.2!
More code cleanup, improved audio performance, better handling of relative audio-file names in toc-files, CD-burning progress-bar bug fix. Plus, I got it compiling under cygwin! (with a little tweaking... and no sound.)
2004-12-4 Relesaed daoism-0.1!
Lots of code cleanup, and a few minor enhancements and bug-fixes. It has only been tested on GNU/Linux with a 2.6 kernel, but I expect it would build under any other POSIX system that can run GLib, libsndfile, and cdrdao, and has OSS sound. Anyone want to test that? :]
2004-12-1 Initial cvs import of the code, and added some content to the web site.
Still lots to do, but it's mostly functional!
2004-11-30 Moving to SourceForge
Started up the Sourceforge site today. Still getting it set up...
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