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About daoism:

What is daoism?

daoism is an audio-CD layout and writing tool. It lets you easily add songs, parts of songs, and chunks of silence onto a CD timeline, arrange track breaks anywhere you want, and then burn your CD.

Why does daoism exist?

daoism exists largely because I wnated to help decadance create performance and rehearsal CDs. I often need to make CDs with multiple audio files merged into a single track, track-breaks in the middle of songs, or with periods of silence between songs. Here are some examples of the kinds of CDs I make using daoism:
  • CDs for Dance Rehearsals
    These CDs usually have one song with lots of track-breaks at points where new parts of the choreography start, for teaching purposes.
  • CDs for Dance Performances
    For these CDs, I need a bunch of songs with varying lengths of silence between them. (To allow for applause, laughter, costume changes, interludes, etc...)
  • Continuously-mixed CDs
    I also like using other tools (like Sonic Foundry's ACID Music) to mix a bunch of songs together so that each one flows into the next. Then, I use daoism to take the one big, long song-mix, and add track breaks exactly where I want them.


  • GNU/Linux
  • Windows
  • OSX should be easy as soon as someone writes me some OSX sound code...
  • Theoretically, any other POSIX OS that has ports of all the dependencies.

Dependencies - Linux

  • GNU/Linux (or hopefully any other POSIX OS)
  • GTK+-2.0 or higher (The Gimp Toolkit) for the GUI
  • cdrdao, daoism's namesake, for CD writing
  • libsndfile for reading audio files

Dependencies - Windows

  • Windows
  • GTK+-2.4 (The Gimp Toolkit) for the GUI (Downloadable here) This is included with daoism-0.4, but not with daoism-nogtk-0.4.
  • An ASPI driver
Copyright 2004-2005 Ben Levitt
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